Gulvain Partners was established in 2014 by two highly experienced, human capital experts with over 20 years of experience in the Middle East and Europe.

We ensure that every individual’s aspirations are met at each stage of their career 

Headquartered in Dubai, the name ‘Gulvain’ comes from two of Scotland’s highest peaks, which sit side-by-side in a majestic and iconic setting. Since both of the company’s founders originate from Scotland, Gulvain Partners was born.

Gulvain Partners differs from traditional recruitment companies because it provides a comprehensive suite of people management services for major private companies and government entities in highly sensitive and confidential environments, including defence, manufacturing, and security. These services include HR consultancy, training and skills development, on-site capacity building and executive search. This results-driven model provides clients with a transparency that directly reflects performance and return on investment.

We are driven by the best interests of our candidates, helping them build a strong career portfolio instead filling job position. The pinnacle of human capital solutions is achieved by a candidate-driven model, ensuring that every individual’s aspirations are met at each stage of their career. This is the Gulvain Partner’s way.